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About Us

Worship services at First Baptist Church are both exciting and Spirit-moving.

We gather together Sundays at 11:00 a.m. to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is accomplished through a variety of hymns, choruses, vocal instruments, testimonies and a congregational prayer. This sets an atmosphere of reverence and thanksgiving before God, as we listen and learn how to apply His word to our lives as the Holy Spirit speaks through our Pastor's message.


History of First Baptist Church North Bay

During the 1880's the Canadian Pacific Railway had relentlessly pushed it's transcontinental line through the unbroken wilderness of Northern Ontario, a wilderness that was peaceful and serene.

In November 1882, the first CPR train arrived at a nameless log station on the north shore of Lake Nipissing. This station later became known as North Bay.

The first Baptist work was started in North Bay in the spring of 1886 and continued through the next few years. The church was manned by summer student pastors. Although services were held and members met, the seeds planted seemed to have fallen on barren ground. Adversity developed and the work ceased. Then in February 1892 in a determination to revive the work of the previously organized church of August 10 1887, a number of ladies organized a ladies Aid Group. In March 1892, they requested action be taken to secure a summer pastor and the first service was held on Sunday, April 17, 1892.

On June 3, 1892, it was decided to proceed with the organization of a regular Baptist Church. Rev. W.L. Palframan became the first settled pastor of the North Bay First Baptist Church entering upon his duties on Sunday, December 11, 1892.

All meetings were held in a log building known as The Old Blue School House.

Then on May 6, 1893 it was decided to purchase a site on Main Street on which to build a new church. The church was built and on Sunday, October 8, 1893, the dedication services were held. The population of North Bay at that time was approximately 2,500. The congregation of First Baptist Church was 23.

In 1956, a committee was formed to study the needs and desires of Baptists in North Bay as a basis for planning a new church building. A site was selected for the new church and a sod-turning ceremony took place on Sunday, May 1 1960. Construction commenced almost immediately. The cornerstone laying ceremony took place on Sunday, October 16, 1960. The last service in the old church on Main Street was held on Sunday, January 8, 1961. The first service in the new church on Cassells Street was held on Sunday February 26, 1961. In 1987, an addition was placed on the north side of the church structure to provide additional space for the office, library and Fellowship Room.

Centenary celebrations were held in 1992.

  • Left is First Baptist Church on November 6, 1942, located on Main Street, North Bay
  • Right is First Baptist Church in June 6, 2015, located on Cassells Street, North Bay


When we pray,
GOD hears more than we say, anwsers more than we ask,
gives more than we imagine...
in HIS own time and in HIS own way